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  • 13-Y01 Lamp Base 13-Y01 Lamp Base The floor lamp is decorated with Chinese style, simple and practical! No stitching, no ax nails, achieve 360 degrees rotation, seamless connection, and natural shaping, original design to demonstrate ...
The decorative elements of the lamps of American style recreational style are open in the strict control scale, while the concise outer ring and the light color are displayed everywhere.Its own quality ensures that it can be connected with the simple space, and also with the European classical household, it can create modern recreational and amorous feelings. A simple modern American leisure lamp holder is suitable for 10-25 square meters of room.

The decoration of modern wood lamp holder has Chinese style, simple and practical! No stitching, no axe, the realization of 360 degrees of rotation, seamless connection, natural shape, original design, show the beauty of real wood curve. The base is decorated with a sundial and unique design, giving a taste of ancient Chinese wisdom.

The fashion, the high-quality life, the humanized design, the meticulous detail treatment, make the fashion life perfect combination.

Quality: advanced technology and equipment and time develop and test the structure of furniture to ensure the stable quality of our product structure.

Material: all our real wood is fresh, water paint imported from the United States to ensure the green environment, the PP material we use is the first class in China.

It perfectly deduces the smooth curve of the real wood, releasing the inherent elegance of the log. The implementation of pure handmade solid wood furniture, the use of pressure, chisel, carving, repair, scraping. Only one solid wood can be done in a stretch, without suture, axe or glue. 100% embodies the texture and color of wood.