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Y005 Grace Chair

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  • y005-grace-chair-1_1506478063.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-2.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-3.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-4.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-1_1506478063.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-2.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-3.jpg
  • y005-grace-chair-4.jpg
  • American ash wood
  • PU artificial leather
  • 40D High-density foam
  • Dimension(cm): 55W*50D*78H(Seat Height:45)
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The Grace Chair as aesthetic element always in line with the most current trends of living. Like the standard version, the chair with arms is contemporary yet still references classic design.Our leather dining chairs are durable, made up of good quality Ash wood to ensure high durability and tear resistance.The upholstery material is made from very fine fabric.

Item NO: Y005
Name: Grace Chair
Material: Ash wood
Color: Natural /Walnut /Black Optional
Product Size(cm): 55W*50D*78H(Seat Height:45) (Can be customized)
MOQ: 100-200 pcs per color
Packing Details: 2 pcs /CTN
Production Capacity: 10000 pcs/Month
Price Term: EXW /FOB /CIF
Payment Term: T/T 30% deposit……
Delivery Time: About 15-35 days after 30% deposit received
OEM Drawing new design is welcome

Why choose us? Because we have good quality!
The material of our leather dining chairs:

American ash wood features:
This leather dining chair has used the high-quality American ash wood frame, with a rough and uniform texture, it can be stained and polished to get a good surface, it can make the item more comfortable, to protect our family. It's tough and elastic. It's simple to process and easy to bend with the steam method, And the carved make it more gorgeous. It's applicable to American high-grade furniture.

PU artificial leather features:
1. High strength, thin and flexible, soft and smooth, breathable and permeable, and waterproof.
2. It still has good tensile strength and disturbance strength under low temperature and has good resistance to light aging and hydrolysis.
3. The appearance and performance of it are close to that of natural leather. It's easy to wash and easy to sew.
4. The surface of PU artificial is smooth and can be treated and dyed into various patterns.
5. The price is relatively low
6. It is mainly composed of high elastic fiber, with similar characteristics of leather.
7. It has lightweight, strong toughness and can be made of breathable products. And it's waterproof.
8. It's not easy to expand and be out of shape after absorbing water. And it's environmentally friendly.

40D High-density foam:
40D High-density foam has good elasticity and breathability, higher compression loading rate and better flame retardancy. So, the Grace Chair made of 40D High-density foam can provide better comfort, which is an ideal comfort factor and is an ideal material for high-grade sofa seats.


Restaurant, Hotel, Bar, Cafe, Waiting Room, Home


American Ash wood frame: The frame of our Grace Chair is machined from high-quality solid American ash wood. It's applicable to American high-grade furniture.
Water-based paint: This water-based paint is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no odor. Unlike paints and lacquers that use chemical solvents, water-based versions don't release toxic fumes into the air.
40D High-density foam: The leather dining chairs have used the high-density foam, good elasticity and breathable, uneasy to deformation.
PU artificial leather features: Thin and flexible and smooth, good strength, breathable and permeable, and waterproof.


55W*50D*78H(Seat Height:45)

Timber options:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request

FOSHAN ESUN FURNITURE CO., LTD was founded in 2006, it is a modern enterprise which focuses on the design, production, and export of high-end furniture of imported ash wood.
Our brand is BEZIER, expert in Manufacturing dining room furniture & dining chairs & danish chairs & bentwood chairs with best prices.We can meet the needs of high-quality home, hotel engineering, restaurant and clubhouse. Know more

Factory Show

1. In March 2013, we participated in the China furniture fair and won the golden axe award, the highest honor of Chinese furniture industry.

2. In January 2014, the famous design master of France was informed of the distortion technology and provided the work design draft for free on the spot, and the finished products of our company have been snapped up by the design industry.

3. In December 2014, Mr. Pan Gong, a famous designer from Taiwan and professor of Tsinghua University, investigated and put forward five sets of intention programs and reached strategic cooperation.

4. In January 2015, when attending the private school of Pan Gongshu in Hangzhou, the works were invited to participate in the exhibition, and the exhibition was held in the center of the lobby of tai-huu lake hotel, which aroused a lot of discussions, and we also received the unanimous praise and cooperation intention consultation from Xiao Dakun and XieTian.

5. Since the spring of 2015, from the Tsinghua University Institute of environmental art design to China decoration design industry celebrities and other high-end designers, software installation company came to the company in a continuous line investigation and study, and the internet technology companies come to help join, the culture spread and brand planning company also come to help join.
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Our Services
1)Before the order can be confirmed finally,we would strictly check the material,color,dimension of the sample step by step.
2)We salesman,also as a order follower,would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
3)We have a QC team ,every product would be checked by them before packed.
4)We would try our best to help clients solve problems when they occurred.
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Products That Meet The Requirements Of Buyers

It is necessary to increase the new model of furniture, because of the decision to expand the business to the Chinese market. Our goal is to meet the needs of customers from different cultures and religions from all over the world. In this way, you can find innovative furniture characterized by innovation, which have been designed by experienced designers, drawing inspiration from different cultures.  As a result, customers can order classical furniture, modern furniture, and even typical armchairs or outdoor dining rooms.


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