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Flower Rack

For those who love flowers and plants, indoor and outdoor flower shelves are indispensable. The company sticks to the light in shape, focusing on the wisdom of life aesthetics. Original designs and high quality material with special craft adopt modern minimalist design, making the design feeling and uniqueness of the product. Owning both fashion and quality is in line with city peer's pursuit of good design and good quality.
The material is tough, the cut surface is smooth, the aging is very slight, the performance change is small. The texture is beautiful and has good overall strength performance, good seismic force and steam bending strength. The natural texture of solid wood and pure white, with comfortable and full soft bag, smooth line, and it makes the shelf more stable.

It adopts environmental paint, non-toxic and tasteless. And it can experience the original color and wood's grain of the board, adding luster and more obvious texture.
Our Flower Rack is made of imported ash wood, and a solid wood is bent into a semicircle. American classics, North American best-selling style, simple design, and beauty that is not easily detected or more easily bored.
Use environmental protection paint, a light luxury not only in quality but also for health and environmental protection.
The features of our products mainly are 100% of the original solid wood and 100% of the original design. The most important is that it adopts the traditional wood raw materials and the forging process of revolutionary breakthrough to create a furniture with more curved beauty, called the furniture of ” Real Curve Beauty”.

Our Advantage
1. Experience: More than 11 years experience in producing chairs and tables. All our replicas are true to the original design specifications. We have our own factory,4000 ㎡ workshops, convenient transportation.
2. Original Design Ability: We have appointed designers to provide creative design to meet your requirement.
3. Competitive Prices: Direct factory Sells ensure the competitive prices with good quality for the export standard.
4. Quality: Advance technology machinery and time are spent developing and testing the structure of the furniture to ensure the structural quality of our production is good and stable.
5. Materials: All of our solid wood is fresh, virgin and imported from America, water-based paint is using to ensure green environment, the PP material what we used is the first class in China
6. Service:
We have a professional sales team to answer you in 24 hours. Welcome your inquiries.

13-G03 Wooden Tiered Plant Stand
13-G03 Wooden Tiered Plant Stand
  • American Ash wood frame
  • High leg
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):38W * 38D * 107H  
  • Dimension(cm):38W * 38D * 97H
13-G02 Wooden Flower Pot Stand
13-G02 Wooden Flower Pot Stand
  • American Ash wood frame
  • bentwood technology
  • Deduces the smooth curve of solid wood
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):53.5W * 39D * 55H