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Modern Danish Furniture

At Replica Furniture, we have a large range of copies of Danish furniture and replica Danish furniture design. Suitable price and perfect quality, welcome to purchase.
Danish furniture is so popular because it is easy to blend into most styles of homes. Simple organic shapes and designs allow mash up styles. Traditional wood structures and materials ensure that the pieces not only look great, but they can be built all their lives.
Out of the traditional taste of fashion, Denmark is famous for its unique design. Jane and luxury slow and elegant, classic and modern blend, Danish design is undoubtedly the Nordic lifestyle classic expression.
Our main copy is Hans Wegner chairs, Sean Dare chairs, Kai Kristiansen’s chairs, Grace chairs, etc.
As one of the renowned danish furniture manufacturers in China, Bezier provide you with various modern danish furniture to select. You can always find suitable ones.
Hans J. Wegner is the undisputed master of Danish chair design. Wegner has designed countless chairs, many of which—such as the Hans Wegner Wishbone Chair, Wegner Wing Chair, and Wegner CH07 Shell Chair—are internationally recognized classics. Hans Wegner’s furniture unites form and function; in every design, he places the highest demands on comfort and ergonomics. To Wegner, a chair isn't just a piece of furniture, but a work of art made to support the human form.
Known for his bold, architectural style, Sean Dare is an award-winning British designer. His design studio, founded in 2009, creates contemporary furniture for both commercial and residential spaces, using the finest materials and craftsmanship.
Suitable price and perfect quality, welcome to purchase.
C050 Solid Wood Tea Table
C050 Solid Wood Tea Table
  • Solid Ash wood edging
  • MDF with Ash wood veneer top
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):
  • 60W*60D*75H
  • 70W*70D*75H
  • 80W*80D*75H