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13-M05 Sofa

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  • 13-m05_1504687337.jpg
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  • New Chinese style
  • Curved back with spacious seating
  • American Ash wood frame
  • bentwood technology
  • Environmental paint
  • Dimension(cm):92W * 48D * 78H
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This sofa is based on an airy bentwood frame that wraps around a seat cushion and forms the armrests. The wooden bracket gives the sofa and armchair an especially lightweight look – they also impress as freestanding pieces in any environment. Our thonet couches are durable, made up of good quality Ash wood to ensure high durability and tear resistance. Being a spacious thonet sofa, it provides enough space to sit. Our bentwood sofa stands in any weather conditions. We do proper polishing and finishing these bentwood sofas to develop the look of the room where it is placed.

The material of our thonet sofa:

American ash wood features:
This sofa thonet is used the high-quality American ash wood frame, with a rough and uniform texture, it can be stained and polished to get a good surface, it can make the item more comfortable, to protect our family. It’s tough and elastic. It’s simple to process and easy to bend with the steam method, And the carved make it more gorgeous. It’s applicable to American high-grade furniture.

Bentwood features:
We can bend a solid wood in a short time, not splicing, not ax nails, non-adhesive, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Flannelette Fabric features:
This product is made of flannelette. The entire steps use pollution-free processing way to ensure the safety and quality of products. It can make the item high-end, durable and long-lasting.

40D High-density foam:
40D High-density foam has good elasticity and breathability, higher compression loading rate and better flame retardancy. So, the sofa made of 40D High-density foam can provide better comfort, which is an ideal comfort factor and is an ideal material for high-grade sofa seats.


Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room


American Ash wood frame: The frame of our bentwood sofa are machined from high-quality American ash wood. The wood is strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. We can bend wood in a short time, not stitching, not nails, non-stick, healthy and environmental protection.
Water-based paint: Water-based paint is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no odor, Harmless to humans.
Flannelette Fabric upholstery: Soft Flannelette adds resists wear and texture, ensuring longevity and comfort for years to come.
40D High-density foam: The 3 seater wooden sofa is used the high-density foam, good elasticity and breathable, uneasy to deformation.


92W * 48D * 78H

Timber options:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request

13-M05 Sofa

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