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13-R03 Leisure Chair

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  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-1_1505465546.jpg
  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-2.jpg
  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-3.jpg
  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-1_1505465546.jpg
  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-2.jpg
  • 13-r03-leisure-chair-3.jpg
  • Artwork design
  • Solid wood bending completes the back, armrests, and feet
  • American Ash wood frame
  • Environmental paint
  • Dimension(cm):62W * 78D * 104.5H
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Our leisure chair is made of imported ash wood, which ensures the sense of thickness and nobility of the chair.

It combines the bent wood rolling technology, pure handicraft, no stitching, no ax nail, can realize solid wood 360 degrees rotation, twist, seamless connection, and natural shaping makes more comfortable and practical of the chair.

Imported ash wood, pure solid wood, elegant colors, beautiful texture, fine structure, hard material, wear resistance performance.

The design concept of products is based on the double home life demand for furniture function of aesthetics and art, to create beautiful, high-grade home life for the purpose of combining the craftsmanship and modern aesthetic concept, create exquisite, elegant and beautiful modern fashion furniture, not only the pursuit of the ultimate aesthetic design, but also fully reflect the practicality and artistry of furniture, each piece is a perfect art boutique, bit by bit reveals the luxurious taste and highlights the beauty of furniture mechanics.

The material of our Leisure chair:

American ash wood features:
The ash wood is usually straight, with a rough texture, uniform processing performance is good, the fixed performance is strong, widely used in furniture. Is one of the main productions of wood American high-grade furniture.

Bentwood features:
The five core technology of our bentwood furniture contains: 180 degrees solid wood twist technology, a ray of wood technology, folding parallel wood technology, screw wood technology, S wood bending technology, it becomes the wonder technology in the industry. Solid wood can bent, or rotated or folded becomes a pleasing and enduring piece of furniture art in our hands.

Water-based paint:
Water-based paint is an environmentally friendly, water-based waterproof coating, non-toxic, harmless, no pollution, and safe use.

Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

Dimension (cm):
62W * 78D * 104.5H 

Timber options:
(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request

13-R03 Leisure Chair

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