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13-K01 White Sideboard

  • 13-k01-white-sideboard_1505466794.jpg
  • 13-k01-white-sideboard_1505466794.jpg
  • 13-k01-white-sideboard_1505466794.jpg
  • American Ash wood frame
  • bentwood technology
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):145W * 44D * 90H
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Multi-drawer design sideboard, exquisite workmanship and solid material, each place is finely crafted, perfect angle, a unique taste. From appearance to detail reflects a sense of nature, placed in the home, with the taste of time and nature. Our dining counter is also equipped with wine racks, solid wood to make your expensive wine freely and freely.

Solid wood furniture reflects the female sexy, mellow beauty, whether it is armrest, the back of a chair, or chair legs are using the curve radian design, can fit well the person's back, neck, arm can be well fit the elbows, everywhere reveals the humanized design, quietly revealing the deep humanistic care.

The material of our white sideboard:

American ash wood features:
This bent wooden chair is made of the high-quality American ash wood frame, which is a rough and uniform texture. It can be stained and polished, the surface is beautiful, and It can make things more comfortable. It's tough and resilient, and easy to process, easy to bend with steam and the carved make it more gorgeous. It’s applicable to American high-grade furniture.

Bentwood features:
The 360-degree twisting process, to subvert your impression of solid wood chairs. We can finish the solid wood bending in 15 minutes, not splicing, not ax nails, nonadhesive, healthy and environmentally friendly. So, we are most proud of the things that we can do mass production of bentwood furniture.

Water-based paint:
Out company tailored for the furniture, independent research and development of flame retardant anion environmental protection wood paint technology, with zero formaldehyde, high flame retardant performance, can delay the fire more than 30 seconds.


Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

Dimension (cm):

145W * 44D * 90H

Timber options:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request

13-K01 White Sideboard
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