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13-A01 Wooden Dressing Table

  • 13-a01-wooden-dressing-table_1505468366.jpg
  • 13-a01-wooden-dressing-table_1505468366.jpg
  • 13-a01-wooden-dressing-table_1505468366.jpg
  • American Ash wood frame
  • bentwood technology
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):96W * 46D * 80H
  • Dimension(cm):44W * 38D * 51H
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Our solid wood stand is made of imported ash wood. It is of good hardness, good load-bearing, easy to crack and durable. The furniture uses healthy environmental protection paint, and the open spraying process preserves natural grain pores, and has a strong natural texture. It is green environmental protection, to give you a safe and comfortable home environment.

The bentwood wood furniture is natural and smooth, keeps the wood texture intact, does not damage wood fibers, and is durable.

The furniture made of solid wood bending can be bent and molded on the larger surface according to the characteristics of the human body and the requirement of use. It has the advantages of anti-humidity, ant torque, no cracking, and no deformation, etc.

The material of our wooden dressing table:

American ash wood features:
This wooden dressing table is made of the high-quality American ash wood frame, American ash is a hardwood with good strength properties that is used in furniture.

Bentwood features:
Solid wood bending is a wood processing technology with high added value. The 360-degree twisting process, to subvert your impression of the solid wood table. We can finish the solid wood bending in 15 minutes, without splicing, without ax nails, without adhesive, healthy and environmentally friendly. So, we are most proud of the things that we can do mass production of bentwood furniture.

Environmental protection paint:
Out company tailored for the furniture, independent research and development of flame retardant anion environmental protection wood paint technology, with zero formaldehyde, high flame retardant performance, can delay the fire more than 30 seconds.


Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

Dimension (cm):

96W * 46D * 80H
44W * 38D * 51H

Timber options:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request

13-A01 Wooden Dressing Table
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