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12-F03 Bentwood Thonet Chairs

  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-1_1505464742.jpg
  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-2.jpg
  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-1_1505464742.jpg
  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-2.jpg
  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-1_1505464742.jpg
  • 12-f03-bentwood-thonet-chairs-2.jpg
  • American Ash wood frame
  • bentwood technology
  • Fabric upholstery
  • 40D High-density foam
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):53W * 63D * 93H
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The features of this chair mainly are 100% of the original solid wood and 100% of the original design. The most important is that it adopts the traditional wood raw materials and the forging process of revolutionary breakthrough to create a furniture with more curved beauty, called the furniture of “Real Curve Beauty”.

Solid wood furniture reflects the female sexy, mellow beauty, whether it is armrest, the back of a chair, or chair legs are using the curve radian design, can fit well the person's back, neck, arm can be well fit the elbows, everywhere reveals the humanized design, quietly revealing the deep humanistic care.

The material of our bentwood Thonet chairs:

American ash wood features:
Ash is tough but flexible, which is easy to process and easy to be bent with the steam method. Ash is usually used for luxurious furniture.

Bentwood features:
We realize to create solid wood furniture with pure handmade, adopting the technology of press, chisel, carve, repair and scraping. Only one solid wood can be accomplished at a stretch, without stitching, axe or glue. It 100% embodies the texture, feeling, and color of wood, which creates a new era of solid wood furniture!

Fabric features:
The item is used the good fabric. The entire steps use pollution-free processing way to ensure the safety and quality of products. It can make the item high-end, durable and long-lasting.

High-density foam:
High-density foam has super resilience and gas permeability, higher compression load ratio, and better flame resistance. So, the sofa made of 40D High-density foam can provide better comfort, which is an ideal comfort factor and is an ideal material for high-grade sofa seats and office chairs.

Application of bentwood chairs vintage:

Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

Dimension(cm) of original bentwood chairs:

53W * 63D * 93H

Timber options of our bentwood Thonet chairs:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request
12-F03 Bentwood Thonet Chairs

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