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12-F02 Thonet Chair

  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-2.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-3.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-4.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-2.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-3.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-4.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-2.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-3.jpg
  • 12-f02-thonet-chair-4.jpg
  • American Ash wood frame
  • Round solid wood, curved back, and armrests
  • Water-based paint
  • Dimension(cm):54W * 59D * 95H
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This chair is popular among people with its exquisite curve modeling, elaborate craftsmanship, and elegant style. In addition, part of the curvature of the curve accord with the principle of ergonomics, which can reduce the fatigue of users and make them more comfortable. The product is made of the imported American Ash. With the carefully selected, each piece of furniture presents the logs real veins.

Out bentwood furniture products can be turned in 360 degrees in three-dimensional space.

Each of our furniture products is made of hand bending, which shows the pursuit of quality and technology. Only human spirit can give furniture art a unique sense feeling of life and emotion of life. Complete the details in life; quality reveals style, countless day and night exploration, just to give you a perfect furniture.

The material of our thonet dining chair:

American ash wood features:
Ash is a special wood designated by the czar, which makes people fall in love at first glimpse due to its elegant color, dazzling soft texture, and extreme sex appeal.
Bentwood features:

It perfectly deduces the smooth curve of solid wood and releases its inherent elegance of the log.

We can realize the solid wood bending within 15 minutes, without stitching, axe or glue, healthy and environmental. The 360-degree twisting process will subvert your impression of solid wood chairs. What are most proud things is that we can make the production of carved wood furniture.

Application of thonet dining chair:

Home, Restaurant, Hotel, Cafe, Waiting Room

Dimension(cm) for thonet dining chair :

54W * 59D * 95H

Timber options of thonet chair:

(a) As our model     (b) Customized as your request
12-f01 Bent Wood Chair

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