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Types and Characteristics of “legs” in Outdoor Leisure Chair

Introduction of chair “legs” in the park

Steel-made “legs”

Composed of steel produced through stamping, welding and bending, high plasticity of this kind of chair legs equipped it with changeful style, contracted and contemporary modelling, and appearance quality and anticorrosion ability can be improved after pickling phosphating coating on the surface.


Iron casting “legs”

Most of them are made of grey cast iron and some are made of malleable iron (the product of white cast iron), which is stable and durable, mostly European style and now integrated into modern elements. What's more, it is relatively fashionable and the most commonly used outdoor product with the strong antisepsis and anti-rust ability.


Aluminum casting “legs”

With the process of precision casting and permanent mold foundry, the product is aesthetically exquisite, sharing sedate of the iron-made feet and simple and light of the steel-made feet, which is the best option for outdoor use, although the price is a little more expensive, it still doesn't reduce people's preference for it.

Stone-made “legs”

A special kind of outdoor leisure chair legs with large volume, made of hemp (a kind of granite), which is weathering, anti-corrosion, and suitable for outdoor use for year-round.


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