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What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of Thonet Furniture?

The thonet furniture is relatively rare in daily life, and few people know or even heard about it. Not to mention, the advantages and disadvantages of the thonet furniture are completely unknown. What are the advantages and disadvantages of thonet furniture? Let's take a look at the details below!

The advantages of thonet furniture

1. From the material, the surface of the thonet furniture uses high quality veneer, while the inner layer has low requirements for materials. It can be used to make raw materials with short length, narrow width and so on. It can save more material than ordinary solid wood furniture.

thonet furniture 1

2. The thonet furniture has a beautiful and harmonious arc from the design, which is more in line with modern people's pursuit of beauty.

3. The thonet furniture has the advantages of not cracking, deformation, moisture resistance and twisting.

thonet furniture 2

4. From the function of the thonet furniture, the thonet furniture can be flexion according to ergonomic principles and more in line with the healthy posture of human body.

5. The thonet furniture is more natural and fluid in the surface texture of the furniture, and the overall effect is more harmonious, and it will not damage the wood fiber and durability.

The weakness of thonet furniture

The thonet furniture is difficult to finish because of the processing, so the yield is low. This is perhaps the only obvious disadvantage of thonet furniture.

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