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Solid Wood Furniture Manufacturers - Bezier

For more than 12 years, Bezier furniture has been designing and building solid wood furniture using traditional methods and superior craftsmanship.We are the solid wood furniture manufacturer, our furniture celebrates wood and time for the natural beauty of the traditional methods of carpentry.

As one of the professional solid wood furniture manufacturers, our products are made proudly in China. All of our materials here and own factory,4000 ㎡ workshops built their own furniture in Foshan, our design is not on B.C. short trend while they are with the needs and expectations of modern design and construction of the craftsmen and designers of the influence of the past. With our most advanced machinery and technology, we can work with you to build the furniture suitable for you.

Our unique design and process are made in a variety of local and imported solid wood, enabling us to flexibly create functional and beautiful furniture.Our production facilities and the layout of our order and inventory system enable us to quickly and promptly meet our expanding production needs.Use the best wood, hardware, and decorative materials to help us deliver the finished products.

To achieve long-term performance. We are proud of our strict quality control and good service.
The sincere Bezier solid wood furniture manufacturer staff is committed to providing excellent customer service and the furniture we produce. We are proud of our work and invite you to enjoy the beauty and grace of our furniture and know that we are standing behind it.

Our superior product classification in below:
  • Dining room furniture
Restaurants and kitchens are no exception, where everyday families interact. Precious time is spent on preparing and sharing meals with the most intimate people. A few times a year, family and friends gathered to celebrate the Festival dinner.
  • Living room furniture
The living room is for comfort and relaxation. They are also the background of all kinds of activities. The size and design of our works are determined by wise daily needs and eternal aesthetic needs. Some of our works, such as the deluxe coffee table, are the focus of the living room.
  • Bedroom furniture
The place where the day starts and ends should be comfortable and inspiring. Our solid wood bed, our mission inspiration bed and carefully decorated dresser series are amazing and subtle designs, helping you create a bedroom suite that can stimulate visual sense, while providing peace and tranquility.

Here are some valuable ways to ensure your solid wood furniture in the next few years:

1. For your comfort and protection of your furniture, use a humidifier in the winter and use air conditioning in the summer to keep the relative humidity at home in 25-30%.
2. Avoid putting solid wood furniture directly in the front of the radiator, the fireplace, or any other heat source.
3. Please do not expose the furniture to continuous direct sunlight. Occasionally draw the curtains.
4. Place the table as close to the table as possible. Put them on the floor of the floor or on the main floor, rather than in the wet basement, so that the leaves can adapt to the same relative humidity as the table.

We hope you like your furniture!
Thank you for choosing the Bezier furniture.
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