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Scandinavian Furniture and their Designer

Known as the master of Danish design, Finn Juhl was an architect, interior and furniture designer and was considered as modern Danish design's founding fathers who made Danish design popular in the US.

Born in Copenhagen, Juhl studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and also worked at Vilhelm Lauritzen architectural practice before starting his own design practice in the year 1945. He did a lot of interiors, exhibition and product designs during the course of his career and had clients such as Georg Jensen, SAS airlines, etc. However, he is known as one of the best furniture designers today from the late 1930s.

Juhl's charismatic designs initially were considered to be very radical which feature curvaceous organic forms, chair seats, and backs appearing to float within a frame. Their form and construction's complexity needed professional levels of craftsmanship and Juhl was known for testing boundaries of what was supposed to be achieved with teak wood, his favorite material.

In the 1950s, his designs were exhibited in the US where they were received with enthusiasm which led to him being commissioned to design a refrigerator for GE (General Electric) as well as furniture, glassware, and ceramics for many other companies in the US. One of the most prestigious commissions was the design of the interior of the UN Headquarters building's Trusteeship Council Chamber in New York which was handled between 1950-52. His design of chairs was so unique; he could be described as a major Danish style chairs exporter.

In the recent years, fellow Danish designers, Hans Wegner and Borge Mogensen eclipsed Juhl's profile, but somehow, there was a clear resurgence of interest in his timeless and charismatic designs by companies manufacturing tables and chairs.

Onecollection, a Scandinavian furniture exporter in Denmark, produces a wide range of Finn Juhl's classic furniture with a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology meeting the exact standards created by the designer. The association of Onecollection with Finn Juhl's estate started when Juhl's widow made contact with the company and asked them to help her reproduce his Model 57 sofa.

Juhl believed that happiness couldn't be created with beautiful objects but could be spoiled with bad ones. Going by this belief, one could state the furniture designed by Juhl instills joy in the hearts of people who appreciate the ingenuity in his designs.

Now, let's take a look at few Scandinavian products used today which can we can claim are inspired by the works of Juhl:

1. C051 Scandinavian Dining Table
This beautiful piece of furniture was made for use in various places such as cafes, restaurants, alfresco areas, and several other commercial points. With its post-modern artistic design, you get the natural feel of a beautiful wooden dining table. It features a solid ash wood base, solid ash wood edging which you would need to assemble after purchase. This Scandinavian dining table can be bought online from

2. C052 Scandinavian Table
This nice looking piece of furniture is designed to be used in restaurants, cafes, alfresco areas and many other commercial places. If you need a wooden dining table that has the natural feel, then this amazing dining table is surely the best bet. Having dimensions of 150x80x75 (cm) in width, depth and height respectively, this Scandinavian table can be purchased on
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