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How to Paint and Renovate Drawer of Solid Wood Dressing Table

For solid wood furniture, although the color of table lacquer is single, its color of furniture is already natural. The lacquer of solid wood furniture is not only very bright but also has good quality of color and quality and natural texture effect. Especially for the high collection value and high comfort level of slap-up solid wood furniture, these furniture is more valuable. Dressing tables are used by women every day, what can we do when they are paint-shedding? Furniture fan now is teaching you the ways about painting make-up for dressing table.

Tools and consumable items for repairing.

JASCO paint remover, putty knife, wood padding, remove hole grouting

Repairing drawer oil paint step 1: Remove the old oil paint

The step 1 is removing old oil paint and filling all the holes and wood padding. I deleted old wood. I removed old oil paint by using JASCO paint remover as much as possible. I used an old paintbrush to remove oil paint and waited 10-15 minutes, then I scraped it by putty knife. Let the dressing table keep dry for an hour and use wood padding for old holes. I also filled other holes and did wood padding for several hours. For some keyhole, I eliminated all oil paint by paint remover and screwdriver. I added some extra nails and make sure the stable dressing table. Some parts are a little loose, so nails are helpful for strengthen dressing table.

Repairing drawer oil paint step 2: Polishing and cleaning

The step 2 is preparing to paint dressing table. The hand type orbital sander that I used was borrowed to polish every flat surface. I used round abrasive paper on the dressing table without creating any strange shapes. I used good wood padding in the polished place, I had a smooth surface. I deleted all dust and wiped every SLX denatured alcohol by dry cloth. After 15 minutes, alcohol evaporated rapidly and then preparing oil paint for dressing table.

Repairing drawer oil paint step 3 Primer and coating

The step 3 is tidying dressing table. I used basic white primer and adopted a single coat, so there is no flaw when using oil paint. Let primer get dried for 24 hours.

The step 4 is applying oil paint when primer get dried, because they has painted inside of drawer, the left wood is traditional. I used paint topcoat for every face and taking care of every edges of sides to avoid operating oil paint. I made space for first dust coat and airing it for 24 hours, I applied it on the second floor that is the best coverage area. When the second floor is dry, we will prepare the new pull.

Repairing drawer oil paint step 4: Installing handle and changing drawer

The step 5 is installing the new pull. We found some great ways because the fracture of old pull. I measured every small holes of drawer's side, don't drill through wood padding. I screwed all 6 pulls and replaced the pulls in the drawer. I sat beside the dressing table in the right side room and added a great color. It is good for you to custom-made room decoration which is match with its looks.

At last, finishing the repair and recover.

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