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Leisure Chair should not be Selected for Appearance only

The leisure chair is the chair we usually enjoy in our free time. And this chair is not as formal as the dining chair and office chair, but with a little personality, can give you the double comfort of vision and body. In our lives, we also use this kind of leisure chair, for example, on the balcony and so on, we will be put on indoor balcony leisure chair, and bring infinite comfort to your life.

Key points for indoor leisure chairs

On the material, indoor leisure chair is more with coriaceous, stainless steel, plastic and so on, modelling is changeful and rich originality, color bright-bright and lively. In general, indoor leisure chairs are arranged in families, indoor public places, and provide comfortable seating for individuals or people.

1. Its functions are varied and can be placed in family or other indoor places, single or multi-person seats, and some leisure chairs provide bed functions;
2. The aesthetic visual effect is coordinated with the environment.
3. Sit comfortably, sit down, and relax;
4. Materials should not be used for toxic or harmful materials and are easy to clean. The structural parts must be strong and reliable, and no structural problems can occur under normal use. From the material of the outdoor lounge chair, outdoor leisure chairs are outdoors because of their environment, so the materials are less selective.  It is mainly made of hemp stone, marble, wood, stainless steel, steel pipe and so on. It is often used in parks, communities, roadside and other public places. Therefore, it is highly exposed and highly damaging (solar ultraviolet, wind and rain, man-made damage, etc.), therefore, regular maintenance and renovation must be required.

Due to the particularity of outdoor use, the general timber is used: anti-corrosion wood, imported mountain camphor, Russian camphor pine, plastic wood and other materials, the wood has a strong outdoor anticorrosive effect, and marble or ephedrine needs a good texture to prevent human damage. So the steel structure needs to be embalmed to prevent rain and man-made damage.

Knowledge of use and maintenance

During the use of the leisure chair, mastering the proper use and maintenance of knowledge, this not only makes the casual chair look clean and new, but also extends the life of the leisure chair.

1. The used environment. Various kinds of leisure chairs, especially wooden leisure chairs, they require indoor temperature and relative humidity. New leisure chair, the furniture suggests that you should maintain a certain ventilation in addition to the room. In addition indoor leisure chair should avoid direct sunlight, lest cause the change of furniture surface chameleon or furniture deformed. If we use air conditioning indoor, we should maintain indoor relative humidity around 60%. If possible, we can plant some flowers or ornamental fish indoors to increase the indoor humidity.

2. Regularly maintain the surface paint coating of the leisure chair, this not only serves to decorate and beautify the effect of furniture surface, more important is to protect furniture surface, the lacquer film on furniture surface should be cleaned regularly. It is recommended that you do it once every three months. Use wet soft towel first to wipe the dirt of the furniture surface, after the furniture surface is a little dry, we can use furniture wax or liquid wax gently wipe the furniture surface to undertake glazing.

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