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How to Arrange the Thonet Furniture

The thonet furniture emerged from Europe in the late 19th century. An Austrian furniture manufacturer named mikhail tornett stumbled upon the method of using steam to deform wood. So he began to make furniture with the curved wood. Later, the family of thonet furniture grew, and the appearance of rococo curves increased the popularity of thonet furniture.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the thonet process was improved, and with special processing, the wood furniture could be bent into any radian.

thonet furniture 1

Whether pure thonet wood or imitation thonet wood, the surface can generally see the true texture of wood. In terms of wood color, maple, oak, birch, their own soft color, fine texture and natural texture, these can be naturally integrated into the modern style of living room.

From the wood color, the thonet furniture is mainly light color, like white maple, white oak and the deep wood, the water chestnut. They all can highlight the contemporary breath of furniture, can freely mix with other style furniture. In addition, in order to protect the furniture from moisture and oil pollution, it is usually sprayed on the surface of the wood furniture. After this processing, you can maximize the texture of the wood itself and the characteristics of smooth lines.

thonet furniture 2
In contrast to other kinds of furniture, the thonet furniture has the features of strong, light and beautiful. But the main difference lies in its characteristic, curve, unique elegant shape and curved radian.

It can be a "vertical and horizontal", "four white landing" space to add the beauty of the flow. The thonet furniture is mainly modern design, such as the original design of Europe, its design style is extremely concise, the modelling is simple and generous, the detail is retained the arc corner, the line is full and smooth character. With its chastity texture, fresh and bright color, the bedroom environment is decorated with simple and elegant, pure. The whole feeling is modern.

The fusion of thonet furniture is very high, but it is necessary to pay attention to the skills of collocation when it is selected. For example, in the living room, a set of curved wooden sofa and tea table is enough, without all the furniture is used thonet furniture. In addition, the use of curved wood furniture in the room decoration, the space curve decoration should be restrained, and try to avoid using too many curve ornaments, so as to avoid the characteristic style of the thonet  furniture is "submerged", and can not receive the desired decorative effect.

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