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  • 13-J01 Wooden Magazine Rack 13-J01 Wooden Magazine Rack The simple, generous and artistic sense of solid wood bookshelf, there is no exaggeration of performance, without cutting and complicated, will be messy into clean and tidy, and create a simple and wa...
1. The magazine holder as a household is used to store the impurities, newspapers and other leisure books that we normally browse, and place them on the edge of the sofa for our easy access.
2. The magazine holder is beautiful and practical, with the characteristics of fashion and simplicity, and it is favored by the masses of people and consumers.
3. The cabinet is combined with traditional wood technology, and the dovetail is time-consuming and laborious, which is extremely demanding for machining accuracy, but is more beautiful and firm.
Real material, 100 percent solid wood, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant, environmental health, it reveals natural and original beauty.
4. Wood wax oil treatment of the surface plant, the environment is odorless, warm and glossy, retaining the vein and texture of the wood body. It is durable, strong bearing with the high quality of life. Let you feel the American feelings in the elegant and harmonious household life.
5. The panel chooses the whole wood without splicing, the modern fashion, the continuous vein at one stretch. The bedroom also can feel the beauty of the nature without incomparable beauty.