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  • 13-K01 White Sideboard 13-K01 White Sideboard Multi drawer design sideboard, exquisite workmanship and solid material, each place is finely crafted, perfect angle, a unique taste. From appearance to detail reflects a sense of nature, placed in th...
  • 13-K06 Modern Sideboard 13-K06 Modern Sideboard Fashion "cabinet family" experience!Preserve the original texture, color and texture of the original wood so that you can experience the nature and enjoy the long life! Do not contain density board, t...
Oriental design, Chinese classic style, let you appreciate classic beauty.

The company's modern wooden cabinets, including the sideboards designed with drawers, exquisite workmanship and solid materials, each of which are finely crafted, adopted the perfect Angle. From appearance to detail, it reflects a natural feeling. If placed at home, it has a taste of time and nature. We also have a wine rack and solid wood.

Our advantages

1. Original design ability: we appoint designers to provide creative design to meet your needs.

2. Competitive prices: direct factory sales ensure that exporting standards are of high quality and competitive prices.

3. Quality: advanced technical equipment and time, develop and test the structure of the furniture to ensure the quality and stability of our product structure.

4. Material: all of our solid wood is fresh. The water-based paint imported from the United States is the environmental protective material. It is worth being assured that the PP material we use is of the best quality in China.